17 August 2017

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Places of interest and tourist destinations

Mound Hanče a Vrbaty


The Hanče and Vrbata Mound is located on the Golden Hill in the village of Vítkovice in the Giant Mountains and is one of the important tourist attractions of the village of Vítkovice. Together with Kotlo, it forms the dominant of this part of the Giant Mountains. The mound is a reminder of perhaps the most famous disaster in the Giant Mountains. Though more than a hundred years ago, bring many people to curiosity. Yet we must accept that we will never know exactly what happened on that fateful day. Source of information here

The Elbe Spring


The Elbe Spring is one of the most popular tourist spots in the Krkonose Mountains. It is a symbolic spring, because the actual spring rises a few tens of meters away, on Labská louka, and is not accessible to visitors due to nature protection. More  here

Pančavský Waterfall


Pančavský Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Krkonose Mountains. Thanks to the views of the Elbe Valley, along with the Elbe Waterfall, it is a popular attraction. More here

Golden hillock


Golden Hill (1411 m above sea level) is one of the most beautiful places in the Giant Mountains. Its ridge lies between Medvědín and the Kotle massif (1435 m above sea level). More  here

Kotelní jámy


The Kotelní jámy State Nature Reserve can be found on the southern slopes of Kotel Mountain in the Krkonoše Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful places with many tourist destinations nearby. More here

Labský důl


Labský důl was named wild rocky valley of glacial origin, located between Dívčí lávky, Labská louka and around the Elbe. More here

Sněžné jámy


The massive Snow Pit (Sniežne Kotly) lies on the Polish side of the Krkonose Mountains and is part of the Polish nature reserve. It consists of two impressive glacial caves – the Great Snow Pit (Wielky Śnieżny Kocioł) and the Small Snow Pit (Mały Śnieżny Kocioł). More here.

Vysoké kolo


The High Ridge, the fourth highest peak of these majestic mountains, rises in the main ridge of the Giant Mountains on the Czech-Polish border. Its debris field is one of the largest in the Giant Mountains. More here

Harrachovy kameny


With its altitude of 1421 m, Harrach’s stones close the top ten mountains of the Czech side of the Giant Mountains. It lies in the western Giant Mountains about 6 km from Spindleruv Mlyn. Looking from the north, for example, it gives the impression of inconspicuous elevation, while the southern side reveals a respect for almost vertical rock cliffs. More here.

Labský waterfall


One of the most beautiful and massive waterfalls of the Labe Mine – Labský waterfall – falls from the plateau to the Elbe Gorge. The view above the upper edge offers a nice view of its cascades. More here

Medvědín Mountain


The forested Medvědín mountain is located in the western Giant Mountains. In summer, lovers of mountain hiking head to the top, and in winter, the onslaught of skiers comes alive. More here

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